Friday, December 23, 2011


Pompa has come and gone and with him the last of my help (sob, sigh). Really, I can't tell you how great it was to have my dad here. Will had a ball with him, but I think my dad may have had more fun. My dad said several times that this was his best Christmas ever--just to be with Will and have Will be his little pal. Every little boy needs a Pompa to pal around with.

Pompa spoiled us--he cooked dinner (impressive!), he played and played with Will, took Will to and from preschool, took Will out to lunch to get his favorite--chicken nuggets, helped with Lucy, kept me company and introduced Will to "Belle" the elf. Will literally cried the whole day Pompa left, saying, "I'm so sad. I miss my Pompa." For so many reasons I'm so grateful to have had another baby, but a big one was all the good, fun, one-on-one time Will got to have with all his grandparents. I may just have to have another baby just for all the visits!

We love you, Pompa! Can't wait to see you again.