Friday, December 2, 2011

Granny Came, Too

I'm seriously easing into this whole parenting-two-children-gig. And it's a good thing. It's not for wusses (how anyone cares for more than two children is mind-boggling to me). I've had lots of help come my way, saving me in these times of sleep-deprivation, never-ending nursing sessions and constant diaper changes. And let's not even talk about Will. After Josh went back to work, I flew solo for two days, then my mom came. After she left, I had three days by myself until Josh's mom came. Then she left and I had four days alone before Aunt Jane came. And immediately following Jane, Amy and the kids came to play with Will for a week (and spend Thanksgiving) and let me sleep in every day (because we all know Will is a notorious early riser--especially when his cousins are around. Sorry, Amy). Now I am facing my longest stretch yet--two whole weeks all by myself (not including weekends, of course) until my dad comes (I called home and begged for him to come. We can't wait). Let's see if I can handle these two weeks (one week down and I barely survived).

We were so very happy to have Granny (Josh's mom) all to ourselves for a week. The day she left, Will ran into the bathroom while I was taking a shower and cried, "I miss Granny." I quickly told him, "I miss Granny, too, buddy." And trust me, we still miss Granny. She got up with Will every morning, cooked us 14 batches of enchiladas to go in our new freezer (that she got for us because where else were we going to fit 14 batches of enchiladas?), made us dinner, took Will to get some trains, colored with Will (as shown in the pictures below. Castles were that week's fascination), snuggled baby Lucy lots and just spoiled us rotten. We love you, Granny and we miss you lots!


Victoria Blanchard said...

Oh, I'm so scared for Elisabeth to come and this post didn't help! I need you to figure out how to pull the two kids thing off quick, in the next three months, so you can give me all the advice I'll need in February! And I seriously wish I could be helping you right now.

K still loves to look at pictures of Will on your blog. I hope we get some good play time in with you guys when we're in NY after Christmas.

Hang in there!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Man you have been spoiled with help! You will do great on your own I'm sure. Who needs to leave the house anyway!