Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sophie's Choice

*You've all read Sophie's Choice, right?  Or at least heard of the premise?  Mother must choose whose life she will save, daughter's or son's.  P.S. Be warned.  Potty talk ensuing.
Inevitably, whenever I am nursing Lucy in her room before her nap, Will is in dire need of going to the bathroom.  He is perfectly capable of doing this by himself; however, he is not capable of wiping his own bummy (trust me, I've tried to get him to do it himself--he is not one bit interested).  Every afternoon, at nap time, I will be in Lucy's room, with a half-sleeping babe in my arms, and from the bathroom next door I will hear the plea, "Ma-ma, come wipe my bum-my," over and over again, with each cry becoming louder and louder and more and more frantic.  Thus, I am faced with a choice:  put down the half-sleeping child who will assuredly awaken and start bawling and then take another half hour at least to calm and get to sleep or let my four-year-old sit on the toilet, worrying if I will ever come to save him from his toiletry needs, all the while getting a serious ring-around-the-bummy from spending far too long on the toilet?  Though I've never read the book (I was supposed to for my Psych 101 class and we did discuss it plenty), I understand the premise to Sophie's Choice and while I can safely say this is not quite as traumatic, it could, however, quite possibly be one of the more baffling parts of my day.  Sleeping baby versus traumatized four-year-old?  Sophie, however does one choose?  Don't worry, though.  In my house, sleeping baby trumps just about everything else.  Sorry Will for that darn ring-around-the-bummy, but you could you please possibly choose another time to go to the bathroom?


Kristina said...

Too funny. We used to have the same problem ... the ipad has saved it. iPad went with him and he was perfectly content to watch a show and wait till I was done. Yes, I'm the mother of the year :)

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

That's just funny! Kids are notorious for bad timing:)

April said...

hahaha this is so funny, especially because Mason almost always does the same thing. Every day he has to poo 5-10 minutes after he goes down for rest time, even if he want potty first, what the hey!