Friday, August 3, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

Back in June, we went strawberry picking so that we could make us some homemade jam with some hand-picked strawberries (that really is the only way to eat jam).  It was one of those beautiful, clear days, not too hot and not too humid--one of those days that made me think I just might be able to make it this summer (don't you worry, though, the next day was humid enough to make me want to run far, far away).  The kids adored it--from the tractor ride, to the tart strawberries, to putting everything and anything into their mouths--they had a ball.  Will even made friends with the tractor driver, Ed.  Hand-picking fruit really is one of my favorite summer past times.  If only we could live our days in strawberry fields forever (and days filled with NO HUMIDITY).


Victoria Blanchard said...

So wish we could have come with you! I owe you an email. Well, a call really. I will email you about calling next week!

Ryan and Angela said...

Strawberry fields and a Boston hat? How could it get any better?

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Just cute!!!