Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Perfect {Summer} Day

 I have to tell you something:  I have a slight crush on my cute, little family--especially on those days that really are picture perfect.  We started off the day with a little exercising, a little housework and then spent the afternoon at the pond we joined when I was in desperate need of some water.  (It really is the cutest, perfect little place for our family.  If you're local check out the link here).  When I deemed it too hot to roast s'mores in our fire pit, we decided to enjoy some refreshing ice cream while watching a little of Le Tour de France.  Then the boys enjoyed some backyard camping while the girls enjoyed a good night's rest in their respective beds, complete with AC (the night was so hot that Josh had to bring a fan outside to provide some relief from the heat).  In these moments in my  life I just feel giddy; I'm so happy with my life and my family and all that I have.  I'm grateful for these days that are in stark contrast to some of the more drudgery days that come with motherhood.  I'm also grateful for the pictures that remind me of these perfect summer days.
 There is this great metal slide at the pond that Will adores.  But we learned quickly that you need to dump a bucket of water before sliding down that hot, metal slide.
 We forgot Lucy's hat so she got to wear Will's baseball cap or visor.
 Will splashing into the water from the slide.
The backyard campers.

Watching le Tour while eating ice cream.  My favorite part was when Will saw Bob Roll, the famous Tour announcer who has a large gap in his front teeth, and he asked, "Why he lost a tooth?"  Plus, now whenever Will rides his bike he likes to proclaim, "I'm in the tour!  I'm in the tour!"


Danalin said...

Aren't those the BEST days?! We just finished up such a day around here. Your family is so adorable, Jessy. I don't think I can leave a comment without saying I WISH WE WERE NEIGHBORS! Glad for your perfect summer day. Love ya.

Victoria Blanchard said...

That's so funny about Bob. It breaks my heart I can't hang out at the Troy beach with you---that looks great!

Krista said...

The picture of Josh and Will where Will has his hands on his face...sooo cute! I totally agree, those great days always make the bad ones fly away.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

That is so awesome the slide is in the water. My kids would love that! Glad you are enjoying summer;)