Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Got Dressed (finally)!

After about two weeks in nothing but comfy jammies, I decided it might be nice to see Will clothed for a change. So, we put him in overalls (of course, I HEART little boys in overalls--that is what his wardrobe consists of) and we snapped some photos. He didn't stay clothed for long, however. There is a reason he is always wearing gowns and jammies: much easier access for changing the ever pooping and peeing baby. Plus, they are so much more comfy--at least that's what Will tells me and clearly I agree since that is what I wear most days, too. So, these pictures aren't just historic because Will is dressed, but because I, too, am dressed (and that didn't last too long either. Jammies just are more comfy).

We tried and tried to get a family photo, but Will would just NOT look at the camera. This was the only way we could get him to keep his eyes open. Silly Willy!


Kim and Seth said...

those are great pictures of will, and what a great family pic. Isn't is so funny to see them in real clothes. I still remember the first time i put kaylee in a dress, they just look so much older suddenly.

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

I LOVE the family pic. So cute. And you look so good. I take far too long to look like that after having a baby. Will is starting to look like his own person. He is so handsome.