Thursday, February 21, 2008

There's No Crying in Baseball!

Well, if you were wondering if Will could cry, here's some proof--he sure CAN cry. However, he doesn't cry for long and he is easily soothed. Here, he was actually happy and cute, until we snapped the photo and the flash went off (clearly, he doesn't like bright, flashing lights in his eyes). I just thought it was a classic picture of him crying. Mostly he cries when he is in the buff: getting his diaper changed, changing his clothes and he cries bloody murder when taking a bath. Apparently, he does NOT like to be naked. I guess he is just a shy and proper gentleman; I don't know where he got THAT from.


Megan said...

certianly not from his mother... ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics Jessy. Here for months I have stalked your blog with entries only here and there but to my surprise I came back today and so all sorts of entries. I guess I can go back to daily stalking your website.

Megan said...
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Emily Christensen said...

I think that he looks like Jon in this picture.