Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Easter Post

If you were to come to my house for Easter this year, this is what you would have found.

1. An Easter egg hunt at Will's school, complete with some handmade Easter Bunny Ears. I just wanted to squish those little cheeks, he looked so cute.

2. A visit from our VT Madsen cousins and our NYC aunt Jane. This visit consisted of the usual mayhem: bike rides, Target trips, a girls' movie afternoon with Beans (we saw Mirror, Mirror--darling), food, good company and sheer craziness with 5 kiddos running around.

3. An Easter egg hunt in our very own backyard.

4. Kids who would NOT pose for picture for said Easter egg hunt, as evidenced below:
5: The dying of Easter eggs wherein I took no pictures b/c I was nursing one little baby girl (maybe one day I'll get those photos from Amy).

6. The discovery of the Easter baskets:

Sam got a peep in his basket, which he clearly loved.

Will discovering some presents from his basket.

And more sand toys for his sand box. But no sand. Which is all he asked for--sand for his sand box. But the Easter bunny didn't deliver. He was a good sport about it, though.

All three big kids got spinning toothbrushes which were a big hit (Will LOVES it!).

And Lucy enjoying some Easter loot.

7. The mad-dash to get to 9:00 church wherein ten people needed to shower. We were only a little late.

8. The preparation of a homemade Easter dinner wherein two glasses were shattered on the tile floor and one little boy vomited raspberries all over the kitchen floor all within minutes of each other and all amid the crazy kitchen chaos of preparing a big meal.

9. The eating of the yummy dinner and enjoying some peace and quiet as adults while the little ones jumped down in the jump and bounce in the basement (and we berated ourselves for not sending them down there hours earlier).

10. The gratitude felt for the knowledge that because the Savior lives, so can we. This is the true meaning of Easter and hopefully, didn't get overshadowed by the big Bunny. Next year, hopefully, I will be better about focusing more on that. Happy Easter!


Victoria Blanchard said...

Those bunny ears are darling!