Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This parenting gig ain't for no sissies

Let me tell you--it ain't for no sissies. Here's proof. This was my night last night:

1:45 am--Lucy wakes up. Let her cry for a bit, then go nurse her.
2:10 am--put her back in her crib, wherein she starts to giggle and play in her bed (literally giggling).
2:40 am--Lucy stops playing and starts crying. I choose to ignore her, hoping to break this habit (she's been doing this the last few nights and it has taken me a while to shush her or rock her back to sleep and I determined we need to stop that. I'm tired. Darn tired).
3:30 am--Lucy finally falls back asleep after off and on crying for almost a full hour. I cannot sleep while she's crying, so I've been tossing and turning in bed and finally, just up checking blogs on the computer (it's strange--no one updates their blog at 3 am. Imagine!).
3:40 am--I sneak in to make sure Lucy's okay and tuck her in and I tell her I love her (I always have to do that after some sleep training).
3:50 am--I finally go back to bed after being up for two full hours.
5:40 am--Will up, in my room crying about something. Josh returns him to bed. This is only b/c he's up since his alarm clock went off. Josh is a great dad, but no good to me at night since he sleeps like the dead.
6:15 am--Will back in my room. Again, Josh puts him back in bed, with lots of threats if he gets out again.
6:25 am--Lucy wakes up again. Nurse her, put her back to bed.
6:35 am--Finally, check on Will and he's gone back to sleep, thank heavens.
8:30 am--We're all up to start the day. And what a lovely start to the day it was.

Getting up four times in the night (and staying up) sure ain't what it's all cracked up to be, people. No sir. It ain't for no sissies, all right. You know things are bad when, at breakfast, Will prays that, "Lucy won't get hungry in the night." I pray for that, too, Will--trust me, I pray for that, too. And I also pray that you, Will, won't need a fan. Or water. Or have a bad dream. Or whatever it is you seem to have needed last night. Here's to hoping (and praying) for a better night.


Victoria Blanchard said...

I hate nights like this! Sometimes I'm up for 4 hours before I can get back to sleep. No fun!

Wendy said...

I actually updated my blog at 3 am a few nights guys party like rock stars!! Hope it gets better!

Krista said...

It makes me feel better that other mother moms are up suffering too! ;) Lillian is 9 months and has just started sleeping through the WHOLE night. However it only last about 4 days before we were back to lettting her "cry" it out. Never works with her. Hope you have better luck!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

I think we are all in the same boat. Emmett is not a fantastic sleeper and I wake up with every sounds. I too will pray with Will that ALL of our babies will sleep! Cute kids!!!