Friday, May 24, 2013

A Little bit of Lucy

Are you missing you some Lucy lately?  Well, never fear--Lucy's here!  This girl.  She's bundles of fun.  She loves shoes, jackets and hats and is always putting them on.  She even likes to put on Will's underwear from time to time.  She's feeding herself from a bowl now (hooray) and is getting new words every day, though her first and favorite word is still "dog".  She loves her some dogs and wants to scope 'em out all the time (from a distance).  She loves books and would let you read to her forever (especially animal books).  She follows Will everywhere and adores his attention, though never hesitates to push him out of her way, if needed.  She is sweet and cuddly and still a bit of a mama's girl, though she does fine going to nursery and the gym childcare (sometimes there are a few tears at first).  Lucy, we just can't get enough of you!
 Here she is all clad in her fleece, shoes and Will's underwear--all put on by herself.

 Eating yogurt, looking like "Santa Claus" as we tell her.
 Standing at the back door, searching for the neighbor's dog.  This is her favorite spot.

 And is she not adorable in this hat that my sis-in-law Michelle gave her.  How cute could she be?

Too small hat, Will's coat and shoes!


ShelbySpear said...

It's been too long between posts!! She is growing up, looking so adorable, and I'm loving her red hair! What did Will think of his little sister wearing his undies?

Victoria Blanchard said...

So cute! And she and E have so much in common. We need to get our kids together again sometime soon---hopefully we'll be up for a short visit in July!