Friday, May 31, 2013

Winter Vacay

Back in February, we went on a little vacay to the great city of Spokane to visit the fam for a couple weeks.  I flew solo with the two kids and though my plane(s) were delayed, adding another 5 hours to my trip, I have to say the kids did great on the flights (all three of them).  The way home was another story but at least Josh was there to lend a hand.  

The kids and I hung out in Spokane for a week then Josh flew out and we picked him straight up from the airport and drove due east to Bozeman to visit our favorite Vermont Madsens (who are now our favorite Montana Madsens, I suppose). Then we drove back to Spokane for a couple days before we flew out as a family back to NY.

Whilst in Spokane, we played with cousins, saw old friends, had a girls' night to the movies, played games and just had a ball.  Plus my parents threw a b-day Pancake Pajama Party for all the February grandkids, which included Will.  He thought that was pretty grand.

Whilst in Bozeman, the big boys skied lots, while the rest of us skied a couple times and we played hard with our cousins and enjoyed exploring Bozeman.  Plus, we paid around $25 to rent Skyfall on three seperate occasions, though we never actually watched it, so that took up a lot of our time (ha!).  

Really, we had such fun on our trip.  Somehow, someway, someday we just need to get us out west so we can live closer to these crazy people we call family.  Here's to hoping!

Now the pictures are less than stellar seeing as I really only pulled out my camera a couple times.  But here's what I got. 

We went to the park and the kids had a ball.  It was like 47 degrees in February.  In Spokane!  That never happens.  We celebrated by playing outside lots all week.

Lucy and my sister.  My sister was so, so good to us (as was all my family).

Will and his cousins being crazy on the slide.

And here's the b-day boy, all ready for his Pancake Pajama Party that would be no true Spear-family b-day without a sign on the front of the house to celebrate.
Will with my parents (it was sooo sunny).
Will and his presents from Grammy and Pompa.  How they spoil us.
And the cousins having a show (terrible picture!!!).
Here's the ONE picture I took with the MT Madsens.  How sad is that?  We stayed up in a condo at Big Sky for the first couple nights.  It was gorgeous up there.  And the kids hot tubbed every day.  They would cool off by jumping in the snow then run back into the tub.  Crazy kids.

Well, there you have it.  I warned you of the lack of photos.  But don't let the pictures fool you:  we had a ball on our Winter vacay.