Monday, May 27, 2013

Easter: Part 3

In hopes of finding a fun outdoor Easter egg hunt, we inadvertently crashed a random church's Easter party.  I thought it was the town party, but no, it was the party of some small-out-of-the-way-church-congregation-who-held-us-captive-for-a-good-few-hours.  The kids had fun, though, and won lots of loot.  The prizes just kept coming.  I was expecting a twenty-minute outdoor Easter egg hunt but there was games and coloring and other odds and ends indoors.  I was a tad worried that we might not get out the door unless we donated some blood, but all's well that ends well, right?  We escaped, the kids won lots of junk and we all had enough candy to last a lifetime.  Success!  

Now, behold the Easter egg hunt pictures.  Perhaps the cutest little girl hunting for Easter eggs you ever idd see?  The basket's bigger than she is!  Too stinkin' cute.


Lesley said...

You should come to ours next year! We have started a tradition of having a hunt and picnic in Central Park. I'm sure that random church would love to have you again, but you're welcome in NYC if you want to come (too bad Jane is leaving!)

Victoria Blanchard said...

Sorry to laugh, but that is really funny. Glad the kids had fun. :)