Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Easter: Part 5

This is it!  I swear.  Last one.  Here are the  kids dressed in their Easter garb, all ready for church.  Doing a girl's hair is still a mystery to me, especially since my girl has curly hair and that is so very foreign to me.  This day I experimented with it--making it all curly with gel.  The jury's still out as to whether or not I like it like this.  I think she's better with bangs.  And the new Sunday sandals the Easter bunny brought her?  She refused to wear.  She chose, instead, to wear too small shoes.  And Josh is not a fan of Will's pink shirt, though I constantly remind him it's not pink, it's orange.  Somehow he doesn't believe me.

And I really couldn't choose the best picture of these two and really that's because there isn't one.  They are all sub-par.  But every single one makes me smile because they are so representative of my two crazy kids, whom I adore whole-heartedly (spell check says heartedly isn't a word, but I'm ignoring it).  So, I decided to throw 'em all in, water gun and all (see, I told you he liked it).

Here she's saying, "My shoes too tight!"  But I had no sympathy for her.

I think this one's my favorite.  Yours?


Victoria Blanchard said...

Their outfits are precious. And that pic of Will draped over the banister is the best.pic.ever. Love it!