Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easter: Part 4

Lest you think I'm done posting about Easter, you'd be sadly disappointed.  This is Easter morn.  The kids (by kids, I mean Will, because Lucy is as of yet oblivious to all holidays and festivities, though not candy) were jazzed for Easter.  I think Will thought the Easter bunny delivered far more goods than the Easter bunny really does, but, luckily, the dollar store water gun did not disappoint.  He loved that.  And the candy, of course.

The kids came down all clad in their Christmas jammies, ready for a fun-filled adventure on this fine spring day.  And since Josh had to bust it to church early for meetings (argh), I barely made it in time for church and there may have been some weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth to get us there, but we made it.

You try taking a good picture of my kids together.  I dare you.

Lucy loves hats.  She puts them on at every opportunity.
Her new book had a dog in it, so here she is happily shouting dooooog!  (Kinda reminds me of this post of Will baaing--see end of post).


bluestocking mama said...

They've gotten so big!! Lucy's cute little face reminds me of you so much!

Victoria Blanchard said...

I hear you, it's so hard to get a good pic of two young kids. But I love all the pics you posted. :)