Sunday, May 26, 2013

Easter: Part 2

And what would Easter be without dying colorful Easter eggs?  And what would any occasion be without me somehow creating something disastrous in the kitchen?  Indeed, in an effort to not over boil the eggs, I under boiled them.  The result?  Very gooey hard boiled eggs (more like soft boiled eggs).  I had to boil a few more in hopes to actually get hard boiled eggs, so we could enjoy some deviled eggs come Easter (except, no surprise there, I over salted the deviled eggs.  Don't you want to come to my house to eat sometime????)

I think the only who participated in this process was Will.  I kept holding him off until such a such a time that I think the excitement mounted.  He was beyond excited to decorate him some eggs.  He had to wear his bunny hat and soccer shirt, of course.  Lucy, as evidenced below, was far more interested in coats and shoes--her obsession of late.  At least she stayed clean!

And just once--once!--I want to take a picture wherein the background of my house shows cleanliness instead of messiness.  I swear, there are times (though they may be few and far between) where my house is clean!


Victoria Blanchard said...

Well everything you've ever made for me has tasted great, and I've seen your house clean much more often than I've seen it messy if it makes you feel any better. :)I actually remember the first time I saw a picture of your house with some toys in the background and I thought, oh, Will does get things out on the floor sometimes! :)