Friday, May 24, 2013

The Birthday Boy

Happy B-day, Will (only three plus months late).  Since Will was studying penguins in preschool, he wanted a penguin-themed b-day party.  And that is what he got:  penguin party galore (if you mean by penguin party that I made a penguin banner and let him watch a penguin movie and then had a few friends over for cookie cake and ice cream, then yes it was a penguin party.  Good thing he's five and has very low expectations). 

He had a great day complete with presents, Dada helping out at school and sharing rice krispie treats with the class (that were stone hard, I might add.  Only I can ruin rice krispie treats.  I swear, it's a talent).  Then out to Wendy's for chicken nuggets for lunch, penguin movie and pizzeria for dinner.  Then friends came for cookie cake and ice cream.  The hit of the day?  The Hess ambulance helicopter I got on a whim a mere two days before his birthday (thanks Amazon Prime.  Gotta love you).  He asked how I knew that was exactly what he wanted even though he never told me.  I told him that, of course I knew what he wanted--he was my favorite five-year-old, after all (I could never tell him it was dumb luck).  Happy Birthday to my favorite William.  We love you!  See below for a William update at age five.

At five Will:
  • is the most inquisitive child I've ever met.  Why is his favorite word.  Why we have sky?  Why aren't basketball hoops attached to the sky?  Why is wind faster than airplanes?  Why everyone like Maria better than the guy (from Sound of Music--we were listening to the soundtrack)?
  • loves show tunes--especially Newsies, Annie and Annie Get Your Gun.  He knows all the words to every Newsies song.  He's obsessed.
  • can be the most helpful kid in the world.  He will unload groceries, put them in the basement if needed, bring up the garbage can unasked, organize his toys weekly, clean toilets and fold laundry.  But heaven forbid I ask him to brush his teeth and comb his hair--these simple, daily tasks he abhors and WWIII ensues trying to get him to do them.
  • loves school and has progressed leaps and bounds socially, though he can still be shy in certain, new situations.
  • adores his dada more than anything on earth.  He loves to do anything with him:  weed the garden, clean the garage, fix things.  If Dada has his tools out, so does Will.  Anything and anywhere Dada goes, Will will be there.  He especially loves having a "Dada's Favorite" every Sunday afternoon which consists of Will and Dada lying on the couch watching race car driving (and Dada may or may not fall asleep most times).
  • wants to be a driver when he grows up, so he can, "drive Dada to work and sit next to him every day."
  • second Dada, adores Lucy.  He is the best big brother.  Every morning, when she wakes up, he jumps in her crib, brings her books and toys and plays with her for at least 15-20 minutes.  Then he gets her out of the crib and they come in my room and wish me good morning.  It makes my heart so happy the way he loves her.  Plus, he takes good care of her, putting her in time-out when she gets in trouble, bringing her her nigh-nigh, getting her snacks etc., etc. 
  • is constantly riding his bike.  It's his favorite thing to do, hands down. The kid could ride for hours.  We've been taking longer bike rides/walks/runs (I have to run to keep up with him!) and he can go far.  He loves it and he loves to count the fire hydrants while doing it.
  • is just getting into chapter books lately, which is fun.  We've read Charlotte's Web, Ramona the Pest, Nicholas and now we're reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  I never knew what fun it could be to read with my kids.  It's probably one of my favorite things.
  • is smart, fun, funny, helpful, really the best thing in the world.  He does have moments of fitful tears and tantrums that aren't my favorite, but for the most part he's such a good, good kid and I love being his mom.  Love you, Will!


Victoria Blanchard said...

Will is such a great kid, we love him too!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Great picture update! Your kids are just too cute!