Friday, March 9, 2012

Lucy Lu Lu

We are all in love with this baby girl of ours. She is currently a rolling machine and it is so much fun. You set her down and before you bat an eye, she is just rolling on over. We are now entering the stage of babyhood that I officially love. She's round and cute and funny and sleeping on a (somewhat) schedule. She has the best smile and she finally goes to bed early. She loves her brother, baths (when she gets them--I swear we bathed Will every night when he was a babe and now it's just too plain busy to give this girl a bath every night), television (I make TV junkie babies), and she's a pretty good sport about being lugged around on all our activities and/or errands. Now that she is older and life has resumed to (somewhat) normal, I am in LOVE with having two kids. It just makes me so, so happy to play in the snow with a baby and a big kid, have Will push Lucy in the swing, take Lucy to see Will at his school functions, etc., etc. And I always said I'd be happy with just two, but I won't lie to you--I want more, lots more (well, at least one to two more). But I will do my best to be happy with whatever God gives me. I recognize daily how blessed I am to have these two in my life. So, now enjoy some photos of our baby girl that have been taken the last two months.

We finally got a snuggly baby. She especially loves this spot with Joshy. It's too cute and Josh loves it. He is now the official get-Lucy-to-sleep-at-church-person and he just perches her right there on his shoulder, walks around and she's out. It's precious. Josh really needs to always have a baby right there on his shoulder--he's a natural at fatherhood if ever there was one.

After a bath, hanging out and picking her nose.

And when she's lying on her back, she likes to fold her arms like this. It's too funny.

And she's already mastered the sad-look face.

Some photos I took of her on her four-month b-day.

We love that smile.

Bumbo time.

And what would a post be without a picture of the two rugs together? Too bad Will is wearing his baby face, the face he reserves for just babies. I call it the "love-you-to-death" face.


The Pyper Fam said...

That little Lu Lu is the cutest! :) It was so fun snuggling on her when you guys were here. Those are great pictures!

Victoria Blanchard said...

I'm so glad things are getting easier . . . someday we'll have something like a schedule, too! Love the pics. Lucy is adorable!

Krista said...

Isn't it funny how the stages of babies and Mommies progress. The first few months you wonder why you had a second, then the next you wonder why you don't have more, then you are back to wondering why you had a 2nd and so on and so forth! In the end its all worth it! Lucy is seriously ADORABLE! Cute, cute kids!

Danalin said...

I love your baby girl! I love all of your posts and updates even though I am a lame commenter. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post.

SO glad that you are getting to more of a schedule. That really does make all of the difference! Lucy and Will are some lucky kids to have you as their momma. I still reserve some hope in my heart that we will someday live close to one another...but for now, lovin' the posts and especially the pictures!

Vermont Madsens said...

She is so cute!I wish she was mine,cute Lu Lu! Beth.