Sunday, March 4, 2012


Since the big boys were skiing all day every day, I would have sadly been stranded on our vacation if it were not for Amy (my sister-in-law) and her family. The Bagleys were all in town and so we played all day with all the kids: the zoo, The Natural History Museum and Beauty and the Beast in the movie theater. It's a good darn thing the Bagleys are such fun and good sports to let me tag along on all their outings. I told Josh that I saw the Bagleys more than I saw him on our trip. Will even later referred to Maga (Amy's mom--that's what the grandkids call her) as "my Maga". It was really sweet. I didn't get photos of the zoo or the show, but I did take some photos at The Natural History Museum, so here they are:

Sam and Will playing with (or fighting over?) the frog puppet.
Will and the frog puppet. (Apparently he was the victor).

The Will-man.

The V-Madsens in the dinosaur footprint.

And Will and Beans in the footprint.

And Lucy was there, too, in the Baby Bjorn, of course.