Monday, March 26, 2012

My Funny Valentine

I found out last minute that Will had to make Valentine's cards for his preschool class. So, we slapped together some cards that I assure you will not show up on Pinterest any time soon, but did, I think, turn out being pretty cute for the amount of effort required. And now behold the dinosaur Valentine's cards (and prepare to be impressed).
The making of the cards, which Will loved. He is a creator. He loves to color, cut and create. He could do projects Lucy sat there and helped, too, by sucking on her Dada's arm.

And here's the finished product: You're Dino-mite. Will got to have a Valentine's Pajama Pancake party at school and he thought it was the coolest. It's a good thing because I did not one thing to celebrate the day. Will surely is my funny Valentine, though. Love that kid!


Victoria Blanchard said...

Hey, those are way better than any Valentine I'll ever make with my kids because I'm never going to make any.

And in that last picture, Will looks like he's 12!