Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rice Cereal

At four months, Luce started some rice cereal in efforts to fatten herself up (she only weighed in at 12.6 lbs at her check-up, 25%). She was not a lover of the food. In fact, I referred to her as Fort Knox for a while, since she would close her lips so tightly, never allowing ANY food in. Lately, though, she's progressed to Switzerland--she's neutral to the idea of food. I wish our roles could be reversed--I want someone to ply me with food all day in an effort to fatten me up. I'd take to that job quite nicely, thank you very much. However, Lucy, who should be devouring food, has no taste for it and me, who should really lay off the stuff, can't seem to ever get enough. Ah, the injustice of it all.

Of course, such a momentous occasion as the introduction of food had to be documented. So, here are the photos of her first taste of the white goo.

And here she is all cute and tiny in the high chair. Don't you want to just squish her cheeks? Love that baby girl (and I really must since she still insists on waking twice at night to nurse).


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Love the last picture of her sitting and smiling. I see so much Spear in her. I too wish someone would tell me I need to fatten up:)